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  • 高ピーク電力ソリューション


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ホーム / ソリューション / ピークパワーソースソリューション


For Industrial Equipment, Banking Device, Medical Testing Device, Printing Machine, Sewing Machines, Automatic Doors, etc.

Product Application

Please select your industry to obtain more information on Tiger Power’s power supplies.

Industrial Equipment

Banking Device

Medical Testing Device

Printing Machine

Sewing Machine

Cutting-edge Technology

Base on customer’s needs to achieve high peak power supply (200~1,200%) with abundant design experience.

Better OCP Design

Optimize the over current protection (OCP) withstand high peak power.

Better E-cap Design

Select high performance capacitors to stabilize input voltage and output voltage.

Better Bmax Design

Our abundant layout design experience improves the flux density (Bmax).

For Industrial Equipment

Collaborative Robot

The speed of motors is controlled by PWM cycle.

Power Demands

High peak current occurs, when motor starts.

Power Solutions

The inrush current level depends on the number of motors and watts.

For Banking Device

Money Counter

Bills are dispensed through a slot into banknote stackers.

Power Demands

Money counter sorts different banknotes into different banknote stackers (Each banknote stacker has its own high peak power).

Power Solutions

Money counter’s inrush current occurs when it starts, and then current drops in stages.

For Medical Testing Device

Thermal Cycler (PCR)

PCR device has to boost and reduce temperature for DNA replication.

Power Demands

Different PCR devices have different temperature ratios.

Power Solutions

It is very important to stabilize voltage when temperature changes abruptly.

For Printing Machine

Label Printers

Printing labels by heated thermal print head.

Power Solutions (Thermal)

High peak power level depends on label width and printing time.

Power Solutions (Dot Matrix)

High peak power level depends on dot matrix head hitting and moving speed.

For Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines

Utilizes a DC servomotor.

Power Demands

Sewing machines normally utilize DC servomotors (180~900W).

Power Solutions

The inrush current happens when a motor starts, and then current drops quickly.

For Automatic Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

The door is opened or closed with a low noise DC motor.

Power Demands

Automatic sliding doors normally utilize a DC motor (75~280W).

Power Solutions

The inrush current level depend on the number of doors and weight.

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