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  • 高ピーク電力ソリューション


  • 豊富な電源設計経験


  • 専門電源/PCBA製造受託のメーカー


  • ネットワーク通信電源ソリューションのエキスパート


  • 電源の設計及び製造の専門企業


ホーム / 企業理念


Corporate Social Responsibility PolicyTraining Policy.Quality Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

  1. Value operate sustainability, adhere to enforce the company’s culture of honesty and integrity.

  2. Save energy, protect the environment, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and develop green products.

  3. Implement corporate governance, legal compliance, guarantee employees’ rights, and provide good working environments.

Training Policy

  1. Follow the company’s vision and strategy to develop the company’s core competitiveness.

  2.  Improve the quality of talents and cultivate full-function engineering management talents.

  3. Improve the competitiveness of the company and achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

Quality Policy

Quality is our value and dignity.

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