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ホーム / よくある質問 / 注意事項


Precautions when matching PSU with your devices

(1) To Match PSU with Your New Device:

Lead Year Company is committed to provide the best power solution for our customers. Before adopting PSU (Power Supply Unit), please verify the PSU specifications to meet your device requirements. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

(2) To Match PSU with Your Device after Engineering Changes:

If you make any engineering changes to your device, please verify PSU requirements to meet your device. (Not including: component replacement, specification changes, mechanical adjustment, different environmental condition, etc.)

(3) To Match PSU with Your New Series Device Models:

If your device is a new series model, please verify PSU specifications to meet your device requirements.

(4) To Confirm PSU Specification:

Please see the user manual to confirm the specifications before using PSU.

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