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ホーム / よくある質問 / 操作ガイド


Power supply user manual (safety operation guide)

(1) Precautions for PSU Installation:

  1. Only qualified technicians can install PSU in device.

  2. The PSU is for sale only to OEMs/ODMs and system integrators, not for sale to end users.

  3. Please read user manual before PSU (Power Supply Unit) installation, and comply with user manual instructions.

  4. Please verify PSU specifications to meet your device requirements.

  5. The PSU must be used with a circuit breaker.

  6. Please install PSU in a well-ventilated place and keep 3 cm space around PSU to ensure heat dissipation and ventilation.

  7. The PSU must be connected with the ground before connected to utility power. The resistance of ground connection must be less than 0.1 ohm.

  8. Don’t install PSU near heat sources, such as heat dissipater, heating control equipment, heaters, or other equipment (including speakers, etc.) which generates heat.

  9. Don’t install PSU in any high humidity environment, or near water or liquid.

  10. Don’t install PSU with an extension cord, and ensure utility power sources is safe.

(2) Precautions for PSU Operation:

  1. Please ensure load remains under PSU rating, and avoid PSU overload.

  2. To avoid PSU breaking down, don’t use PSU in overload and short-circuit conditions.

  3. Please use PSU at appropriate operating temperature (refer to user manual).

  4. Don’t touch PSU output connecters.

  5. Please unplug the power cord when the device is not used for a long while, or during thunderstorms.

  6. If PSU hasn’t been used for six months or more, please check PSU before use. If PSU has any damage, liquid leakage, or powdery substances was discharged, don’t use PSU.

(3) Safety Precautions:

  1. Please unplug the power cord, before PSU sets up such as signal connectors, lead wires, jumpers, or connecting terminals, etc.

  2. Don’t use PSU in following situations: dented appearance, connector deformation, broken wires, or exposed wire cores, etc.

  3. For safety reasons, please don’t open or disassemble PSU. Especially, when PSU fails or in following situations:

(a) When Liquid spills into PSU.
(b) When PSU is exposed to the rain, high humidity, condensation, etc.
(c) When PSU is exposed to dust, hair, or chemical gases, etc.
(d) In case of short-circuit.
(e) When PSU doesn’t operate with an extension cord.

(4) Other Precautions:

  1. Please use a dry towel to clean PSU, don’t use a wet towel or a towel with any chemicals.

  2. Please comply with user manual instructions. Lead Year Company doesn’t take any responsibility for PSU damage due to opening PSU, inappropriate PSU installation, replacing PSU components, rough handling, or PSU operation not according to specifications, etc.

  3. If you use PSU without complying with user manual instructions, Lead Year Company doesn’t take responsibility for any damage such as power break down, system crash, system failure, electric shock, fire, property damage, personal injury, etc.


Lead Year Company does the best we can to confirm PSU specifications which is subject to change without notice. Lead Year Company doesn’t take any responsibility for damage when users operate or install PSU inappropriately.

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